Traveling Always Renews My Mind and Spirit

Traveling Always Renews My Mind and Spirit

Traveling always renews my  mind and spirit.  

It’s amazing the clarity that I have as I ride through a country, headed back to the airport and back home. As if coffee beans have been held under my nose and cold water splashed on my face, I’m awake.

For me, getting away provides the opportunity to breath and reconnect the dots. In my everyday life all of my ambitions, desires, plans and goals collide with one another and compete with a never ending to-do list. Often times I struggle to keep sight of the bigger picture.

As I revisited Belize (one of my favorite countries) this week, I took notice of changes that had occurred in the year since I’d last been there.  People that I’d met, businesses that I knew, even the hotel where I first stayed were all growing and changing. Blossoming. It was nice to see and bittersweet as well.  Sometimes we want things to remain the same; exactly as we left them but change is necessary and inevitable.

As I rode through the countryside headed back to my life it became clear to me that there is one thing that needs to be unchanging in my quest toward my own personal success and that is forward progress. Too much time thinking on anything is less time spent doing it.

I’m grateful for the perspective that traveling provides me.  Thankful for a creative mind and an ambitious & adventurous heart.

While at the airport awaiting my flight out of Belize City, I read a sign that said “There are seven days in a week and someday isn’t one of them.”  Amen to that.

May your journeys bring you new perspective, peace and gratefulness as well.  

Happy Travels!


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