About Me

Chiang Mai, Thailand
Personal Stuff

Photographer, mother, life lover. That’s the quickest, most accurate way to some up who I am!

Recently, I discovered my extreme love for traveling the world. I’ve always traveled domestically across the country and been up for the random or planned road trip; but traveling abroad changed the game for me.  I’ve been captivated by wanderlust ever since.  I live for amazing experiences and unrivaled adventures.  Hiking, biking, swimming out to a freezing waterfall, scaling mountains barefoot or plunging into the rapids… getting kissed by an elephant or cooking in Asia, I just can’t get enough.  I feel happy when I know that I have a new adventure in another country coming up.  Catch me just about anywhere.  I’m here for a good time, not a long time so why not make it worth it!

Professional Stuff

I’m the owner of Winter Raven Photography which I started in 2012 when I finished college and was searching for something of purpose to invest myself and my time into. That took off and began to open my mind up to so much more in the creative world.  I currently specialize in teen photography as well as professional work for artists, entrepreneurs and business professionals.  I also offer mentoring and workshops for photographers right here on this site!

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Where I’ve Been:

United States | Canada | Mexico | Costa Rica | Belize | Thailand | Bahamas | South Africa